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natural soaps

African Black Soap

natural soaps
natural soaps

Liquid Soap

natural soaps

Foaming Bath Whip

natural soaps

Light and creamy, Foaming Bath Whip is a product that can be used in many different projects. From scrubs, bath bombs and soapy frosting, this versatile whip adds a fluffy texture and moisture. The main ingredient is glycerin, which attracts moisture from the air and leaves your skin feeling hydrated.

Available in 2 lb blocks

● White

● Transparent

● Shea butter

● 3 butter

● Coconut

● Honey

● Volcanic Spa

● Raw African Black soap

African black soap is originally an all-natural soap produced in different countries in WestAfrica. Exact recipes depend on where the soap originated from, but most include palm kernel oil, and the filtrate of burnt cocoa pod ash or roasted plantain skin ash. Other additions can include aloe vera, honey, shea butter, lime, or camwood — a tree native to central West Africa.

African black soap is made without adding lye, which makes the texture soft and lends a more moisturizing quality. It’s also unscented, making it suitable for most skin types.

There are many kinds of African black soap available on the market today. Some are more processed than others. Try to find one with the least amount of processing possible.

To find authentic African black soap, look for a soap that’s brown or grey in color, and has an uneven surface. It should be slightly crumbly around the edges.

● Castile Liquid Soap

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